Online-Seminar “Same crisis, different approaches – an international exchange on concepts of ESD”

Climate change, growing inequality, threats to democratic structures and a lack of political participation – there are various interconnected challenges in the quest for a sustainable and just future. SDG 4 and in particular SDG 4.7 underline the importance of life long learning for tackling those multiple challenges. In this context, ESD offers a key framework for education to be the driving force of an urgently needed social transformation.

In order for ESD to be effective, education practitioners have to adjust their work to local contexts. How are global crises linked to specific regional and local contexts? Which differences and similarities do we see? How do educational concepts and methods to teach ESD vary globally?

In our online-seminar, we invite you to discuss these questions with other international education experts and practitioners. We will engage in an international exchange on topics, methods and concepts of ESD, switch perspectives and learn from each other.

Please find the agenda here and register online until 20 June 2021. Participation is free of charge.