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    UNESCO-UNFCCC Webinar #4: Adapting teaching and learning in a changed climate


    Tune into the first season of UNESCO-UNFCCC's Webinar Series, Climate Change Education for Social Transformation: On the Road to COP27, which is dedicated to the goal of greening every education policy and curriculum to be climate ready. Taking place on the last Tuesday of every month, each episode will explore the critical role of climate change education, and how to harness its transformative power, in leading up to COP27.

    The fourth session of the webinar series on climate change education reflects on the meaning of 'climate change adaptation' in educational context and investigates what type of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values need to be fostered in educational policies and curricula to help learners to adapt to climate change. The session will address what climate change adaptation means in the educational context and how education can prepare students to adapt and be more resilient to the climate crisis. 

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